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    The following Decathlon Related Books by Frank Zarnowski are available from the author:

The American Decathlon Century, 1912-2012, DECA, The Decathlon Assn, (2012)
[A comprehensive record book with extensive annual lists dating to 1912.
Annual Lists, All-Time Lists, Collegiate Lists, Geographic Lists, Family records,
Meet winners, Foreign resident summaries, and more. 528 pages]

The Complete All-Around Record Book, DECA, The Decathlon Assn, (2015)
[A record book to accompany All-Around men: Heroes of a Forgotten Sport, Scarecrow Press, 2005
For those interested in early track and field and combined events. 192 pages.]

Olympic Glory Denied, Griffin Publishing, (1996), 280 pages, paperback
[A biographical profile of eleven of the "World's Greatest Athletes," all of whom, for
reasons beyond their control, never reached the Olympic starting line. Fait Elkins,
Charley Hoff, Heino Lipp, Russ Hodge, Bob Coffman, Bill Watson, and more.]

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The three books listed above are available from the author.
           Olympic Glory Denied                                     18.00 + 1.50 S&H
           The American Decathlon Century                    40.00 + 4.00 S&H
           The Complete All-Around Record Book         20.00 + 2.00 S&H

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A Basic Guide to Decathlon, Griffin Publishing, (1996), 140 pages, paperback
[An official US Olympic Committee series, is for the athletes, coach, parent and
spectator who want a clear understanding of this fascinating and challenging sport.]

The Decathlon: a colorful history of track and field's most challenging event:
Leisure Press, (1989) 353 pages, hardcover
[The first comprehensive history of the event, packed with information complete with
information, including complete results of every Olympic decathlon since 1912,
American and world rankings, and much more.]


    The following Decathlon Books by Frank Zarnowski are available at your local bookstore, via internet (Amazon.com) or from publisher
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A) American Decathletes: a 20th Century Who's Who, 2001, by Frank Zarnowski,
McFarland Press, 436 pages, hardback, ISBN: 0-7864-1103-1
[This work presents the career records of the most important American decathletes of the 20th
century, from Dennis Adama to Matt Zuber. Includes 320 career records of every Olympian,
international and national team members, national and collegiate champions]
Order: $75.00 from Mcarland & Company, Inc, Publishers, Box #611, Jefferson, NC
28640-0611. Order: 800-253-2187.or http://www.mcfarlandpub.com/. Available Nov, 2001.

B) All-Around Men: Heroes of a Forgotten Sport,, 2005, by Frank Zarnowski,
Scarecrow Press, 270 pages, softcover, ISBN: 0-8108-5423-6
[This work traces the derivation of Combined Events from the Scottish All -Around event, popular
in the 19th century. It is biographical. A short history of American track and field is included in the first three
chapters and this book offers a look at the re-emergence and demise of the AAU All -Around in the 1970s]
Order: Scarecrow Press, 4501 Forbes Blvd., Suite 200, Lanham, MD 20706.
Phone: 1-800-462-6420, fax: 717-794-3803. Order via: http://www.scarecrowpress.com/

C) The Pentathlon of the Ancient World,, 2013, by Frank Zarnowski,
McFarland Press, 208 pages, softcover, ISBN: 978-0-7864-6783-9
[The pentathlon, comprising competition in the discus, long jump, javelin, sprint and wrestling, was
a staple of the ancient Olympic games, Crown Games and Pan-Hellenic festivals for 1200 years. This
detailed exploration answers many of its questions including the order of events and how the winner was
determined. A record book and a glossary complete this fresh look of an ancient event.]
Order: $35.00 from Mcarland & Company, Inc, Publishers, Box #611, Jefferson, NC
28640-0611. Order: 800-253-2187.or http://www.mcfarlandpub.com/


    The following additional Decathlon Related Books are available at your local bookstore, via internet (Amazon.com) or from publisher
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D) A Twentieth Century Odyssey: The Bob Mathias Story, Bob Mathias with
Bob Mendez, Sports Publishing, Inc, 240 pages, 16 pages of b/w photos,
hard or softcover, ISBN (hard) 1-58382-022-2, soft 1-58261-355-9
[An inspiring story of America's only two-time Olympic decathlon champion. ESPN and Associated Press
have named Mathias one of the 20th century's 100 greatest athletes gives Mathias view of the
current state of athletics.]
Order: $22.95 (hard) or $14.95 (soft). Check with publisher: http://www.sportspublishing.com/ Available in Fall, 2001.

E) The Best That I Can Be, 1998, an autobiography by Rafer Johnson with
Philip Goldberg, Doubleday, 270 pages, hardback. ISBN: 0-385-48760-6
[In this book you will read a great American story of a man, his family, and the people who
befriended them and their pride in what they have achieved. It is not an exaggeration to say
that Rafer Johnson remains a model by which people are judged. 1960 Olympic Decathlon champion]
Order: $23.95 from local bookstore or: http://www.amazon.com/

F) Aim High: an Olympic Decathlete's Inspiring Story, 1994 by Dave
Johnson with Verne Becker, Zondervan Publishing, ISBN: 0-310-46190-1
[Dave Johnson's personal story about a teen with natural talent drifting into trouble and how
teammates, coaches and parents saw something more. About his faith that gave focus to an
Olympic ideal, and medal] Order: $18.99 from local and religious bookstores or Zondervan
Publishing House, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49530

G) The Gold and the Glory, 2003, from Culture House Book, By Mike Chapman
144 pages. Paperback. ISBN-10: 096760804X ; ISBN-13: 978-0967608044
[A biography of 1936 Olympic Champ Glenn Morris, who later played Tarzan. Morris came freom a tiny Colorado
town, colleged at Colorado State, plasyed in the NFL and served as a naval officer in World War II and suffered
from post traumatic stress disorder. Foreword written by Bob Mathias, 1948 and 1952 Olympic decathlon champion
and four-term U. S. Congressman.]
Suggest you go to: http://www.amazon.com/The-Gold-Glory-Mike-Chapman/dp/096760804X

H) Clearing Hurdles: the Quest to be the World's Greatest Athlete, 2012, By Dan O'Brien with
Brad Botkin. Blue River Press, 306 pages. ISBN: 9-781-1-935628-08-8
[Track and Field News called Dan O'Brien's story "the stuff movies are made of." Jackie Joyner Kersee concludes:
"Dan O'Brien is one of the greatest athletes our country has ever produced." This biography offers the roller-coaster
approach decathlete Dan O'Brien took to becoming the 1996 Olympic champion and the "World Greatest Athlete".]
For distribution: http://www.cardinalpub.com

I) Redemption: a Rebellious Spirit, a Praying Mother and the Unlikely Path to Olympic Gold,
2012, by Bryan Clay, with Joel Kilpatrick, Thomas Nelson Publishers, 250 pages. ISBN: 978-0-8499-4827-5
[From his broken family to his troubled youth, Bryan Clay's life were more in favor of ending in criminality
than athletic victory in Beijing in 2008. An inside glimpse of Bryan Clay's career, his relentlessly dedicated
mother and his own religious conviction which pushed him toward the victory podium.]
Published in Nashville, TN by Thomas Nelson Publishers. Purchasing information at SpecialMarkets@ThomasNelson.com

J) Decathlon Challenge: The Bruce Jenner Story, by Bruce Jenner and Philip Finch,
1977, Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 213 pages, ISBN-10: 0131976990; ISBN-13: 978-0131976993.
[The Bruce Jenner story from his days as a left handed high school quarterback and waterski
champ from Connecticut, thru his days at tiny Graceland College, Lamoni, IA, to his trio of world decathlon
records in 1975-76, and the victory podium at the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games.]
Out of print but available thru Amazon.com. Go to: http://www.amazon.com/Decathlon-Challenge-Bruce-Jenners-Story/dp/B000OID5GY.

K) Combined Events Annual (by year), published annually by Hans van Kuijen. $35
self published, @110 pages, paperback.
[A statistical annual covering decathlon and heptathlon worldwide. Includes lists from
previous year, all time lists and career records. 12 chapters. Indespensable and crucial for the hardcore multi
fan.] The sample above is the 2005 Annual picturing Tom Pappas. Order: $35 cash or international money order,
from: Hans van Kuijen, de Bergen 66, 5706 RZ Helmond, Netherlands. E-mail: jkuijen4@upcmail.nl